Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay Marine Park

Moreton Bay in south - east Queensland is one of Australia's most outstanding natural areas. The Bay is a place of great beauty and variety on the edge of the city of Brisbane. From mangroves and mudflats to rocky shores and pristine sandy beaches, Moreton Bay supports a gigantic array of marine, bird and wildlife. To the people of southern Queensland, Moreton Bay is an integral part of their lifestyle.

Jumpinpin is famous for its annual bream run, whiting and flathead fishing. However a large variety of species ( over 715) inhabit these waterways including Tailor, Jewfish, Mangrove Jack, Trevally, Estuary Cod, Blackfish, Catfish, Shark and the pugnacious Pike Eel which can grow to 1.5m. Few anglers appear to recover from the excitement of catching a large Pike Eel.

Discover and explore the vast areas of sand and mud flats which at low tide provide wading birds with a place to feed and a safe roosting from predators.

When high tide floods these banks and flats they become important feeding grounds for crabs, stingrays and fish such as mullet, flathead, bream and whiting which are in turn preyed upon by Osprey, Brahiminy Kite (Red Backed Sea Eagle), Whistling Kite and the largest of the birds of prey that inhabit the Bay, the majestic White - Breasted Sea Eagle. These skilled hunters of the sea can be seen going about their work on a daily basis.

Take a trip through the myriad of waterways and you would expect to see kingfisher, heron, cranes, spoonbills and warblers. Wallabies that inhabit the many islands in Moreton Bay (1 for every day of the year) may be spotted feeding along the shoreline.

Dolphins come into the protected waters of Moreton Bay to feed on the schools of bait fish such as herring, pilchard and hardyhead. These fish also provide a valuable food source for seabirds such as the lovable Pelican who seem to be always around on the opportunity of a free feed.

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